Pen to Paper, Please

Perfection. Some of us strive for this every day, yet fail miserably at attaining it. We pass opportunities because of it; miss deadlines; start and restart but never finish anything. Projects and tasks fall short of completion, for the fear of being sub-par is far greater than anything else. If I don’t formulate my words correctly, I’ll be taken out of context. They could assume that I mean one thing, when I meant another. Words hold so much weight.

Pressured. We aren’t allowed to be flawed, but we are flawed. We are also allowed to be flawed, but we are scrutinized and analyzed because of it. Be you, do you, but then again don’t. A simultaneously confusing array of red light, green light, and yellow, bursting in disco fashion. You’re encouraged to share your voice, but to share you must first find. And to find you must first abandon all notions of perfection and understand that mistakes will be present. After all, perfection is just growth in imperfection.

So in the meantime, share your thoughts before they reach their fullest potential. Those thoughts of what is, what was, and what will be. Start the ride wherever you are, and begin the journey at whatever stage you are in. Don’t be afraid to speak nonsense or things that don’t make sense. Because in all things there is process, and in process there is progress, and in progress, you’ll find perfection.

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